About Zeedia

“ Zeedia is a leading augmented reality platform, providing futuristic software and creative solutions to clients across a wide board of industries . We help businesses employ the latest innovations in computer-human interaction ”

Our Vision

At Zeedia, We think and breathe creativity, thus we are revolutionizing the way people view and interact with the world.

Zeedia is one of the leading Augmented Reality Platforms in MENA. Zeedia provides a wide range of virtual try-on, 360-experience view and intrigued augmented reality solutions for publishers, e-commerce, mobile commerce, retail and brand marketing.

We attract, retain and engage with consumers through an immersive experience. Through one Platform, zeedia can become the lens through which the real world can be spontaneously ‘unlocked’ and converted into content-rich, interactive experiences. Our vision is to enable an always-on augmented world, where every image, object and location has its own magical characteristics. Zeedia is your only gate to bring the static, physical world to life – whether at home, in-store or on the go.

Meet the board

  • Sameh Al Tawil
    Co Founder - Creative Director
  • Mohamed Shoukry
    Co Founder - Art Director