Applying Augmented Reality technologies in publishing and advertising

Destination magazine turn theory into application through Zeedia AR solutions.

AR technologies have been seen as a new trend in technological appliance, which is not common for all users. However, this is about to change since there is an increase in the number of publishers and trademarks who tend to use AR technologies in their advertising campaigns to benefit from the widespread on smartphones and wearables. AR technologies aim at reinforcing users’ perception of a real environment. This is achieved by imposing computer-generated sensory such as Sound, video, picture, 3D models, graphics, or games. For example, any user can point his smartphone or tablet to a predefined object like a building or a museum using an AR enabled application to view more information about this place and take a 360-panorama view inside it.

AR technologies depend mainly on picture recognition techniques, GPS, cameras, and sensors that are already built-in most new smartphones, therefore most smartphones serve as the perfect medium for this emerging technology. It is noteworthy that AR solutions can be applied in a lot of fields like enhanced reading, E-commerce, health, tourism, translation, education, entertainment, industries and others fields.

Since Zeedia is one of the leading AR service providers in MENA, it is always keen on providing the best AR solutions to enhance its clients’ user experience. Zeedia develops applications that have the ability to breathe life into any brand. Users can see a video, animations or games on the static markers by just viewing a product label, a page inside a magazine or a printed ad in a store. This definitely result in attracting more clients to the brand, which lead to an increase in the sales ratio.

In printed media fields, AR technologies, which also known as “interactive printing” gain a great importance especially in books and magazines printing. This is because AR technologies add a special digital content i.e. picture, video, or animation using a smartphone or a tablet signifying the importance of the printed material as an integral part of the experience.

Zeedia has cooperated with Destination KSA magazine to create an application that can revolutionize the usual perception of printed media. Thus, we created Destination KSA AR+ application, which positioned Destination KSA as the first AR enabled magazine in the Middle East offering this technology to its readers and advertisers.

Zeedia is a leading Arabian augmented reality platform, providing futuristic software and creative solutions to clients across a wide board of industries. We help businesses employ the latest innovations in computer-human interaction. We have helped many brands such as Lexus KSA, BMW KSA, Billybeez, Etc. in creating a unique user experience for their users by creating AR enabled applications tailored to them.

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