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Engineering | Cairo office, Egypt


We’re seeking a highly motivated and self-directed mobile engineer who is proficient in delivering high quality products over iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. ZEEDIA’s team in cairo is responsible for execution excellence in delivery of products related to augmented reality end customers. This candidate will be working with a team of versatile developers and creatives working on cutting-edge technologies in support of our current and future product roadmaps. ZEEDIA’s disruptive technology empowers you to visualize and interact with data in a completely new way, bridging physical and digital worlds with revolutionary 4D experiences. Our unique 4D approach goes beyond the mechanics of augmented reality, deeply engaging design, interface, and user experience and forging a path to a world that is more connected than ever before.



  • Specialist in delivering high quality code in Objective-C, C#, C++, Java & Unity.
  • Strong foundation in end-to-end software engineering from designing, coding and debugging.
  • Working knowledge of computer ß.
  • Responsible for providing unit/subsystem or system tests in support of your code change such that there’s sufficient test-to-code coverage.
  • Understand product requirements to ask the right technical questions in support of future roadmap.
  • Ensure that new features and defects are delivered with high sense of urgency at high quality.
  • Experience with Agile/SCRUM development methodologies is a plus.
  • Passion for customers and a thirst to innovate on a daily basis.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills.


Minimum Requirements

  • B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
  • Experience working in high-powered technical teams collaborating across team boundaries.
  • Proficient with Xcode development over iOS6, iOS7 and iOS8 OS, Android Studio, MS Visual Studio.
  • Working knowledge of Android SDK, software and hardware.
  • Working knowledge of Confluence, JIRA, BitBucket, Git, Jenkins, Coverity, Resharper.
  • Working knowledge of Vuforia and or Metaio SDKs.


ABOUT Zeedia:

We are a leading unconventional creative agency in MENA with 2 offices in Cairo, Egypt and Jeddah, KSA. specialising in new creative technologies.our services include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 4D experience and interaction.


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