C.AR  an amazing virtual platform that can act a virtual showroom for you customers giving them an opportunity interact with the car in display in new intrigued ways that will sustainable link between the brand and  its customers. C.AR is a ready build platform that can be adapted and branded to any car producers. CAR is gathers the most functional and interesting features in any other app built for the same purpose.

Experience Genuine for your dream car interactively and from almost every angle through your Apple iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, smartphone or tablet PC!

Follow the download links for your mobile device.

Download the print marker and print it out; or use the screen marker. Then select the function “Augmented Reality” in the app and hold the camera of your smartphone or tablet over the marker.

With C.AR app the user can discover the car model from outside, in an exciting and interactive way. While spinning the car in 360 angle, he can change interactively many things i.e. (colours, Lighting moodes, size, etc.) and can park it anywhere in the real world and make an AR photo with the final configuration. This photo can be shared on almost all social media sites.

Later on, C.AR will be available for IOS and Windows and will allow the users to choose from a wide range of Cars and discover each one inside out.

“Your dream C.AR in the palm of your hand”.





Download The Marker