Zeedia Ad

“a single paper… your own piece of nature”

Zeedia ad is one of our most innovative ways to display how Augmented and virtual reality can alter the usual perception of anything. From just a single piece of paper, we can create a theme which can turn the static, inactive, and mono-media paper into a dynamic, interactive and multi-mediality one.

Zeedia ad marker is one of the markers included in Destination KSA Application. Just by viewing, the marker on a piece of paper or any digital screen, the content of the ad will come to life. As you will see clouds hovering around, birds flying over trees and waterfall, and you will be able to hear the birds sound. Thus, we have been able to convert the picture into a scene displaying natural beauty. Also you can view the environment by moving your device physically in the environment or by having walkthrough the environment by pressing the walking man button.

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Get the Marker from Here

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